Covid-19: The Organization will establish all the security systems proposed by the health authorities for carrying out this type of test.

On what day will the race be held?

The 1/2 Marathon of Formentera and the 8 Km race will be held on MAY 11, 2024. Both races will start at 6:00 p.m.

How and when do I pre-register?

Entries for the 1/2 Marathon and 8 km Formentera are limited. For this reason, the registration system for both distances is done through a free pre-registration process that starts in mid-November in which a number is provided. If, once the pre-registration process has finished, there are more pre-registered athletes than entries available, a raffle will be made for entries before a notary.

All those interested must pre-register, otherwise they will not enter the raffle for entries and therefore, they will not have the possibility of participating in the races.

ENTRIES AVAILABLE: 2,000 for the 1/2 Marathon and 1,000 for the 8 Km.

*You can consult all the detailed information in the REGISTRATION section of the home page.

We are a group, how do we register together?

Pre-registrations are made individually from the registration platform, so it is recommended that those who want to come in a group to run the same distance, pre-register at the same time in order to have the numbers for the raffle, as consecutive as possible.

What is the way to confirm the registration?

Once the raffle has been carried out before a notary, the grateful numbers will be able to confirm the registration through the secure payment platform.

A REGISTRATION WILL ONLY BE CONSIDERED VALID when the registration fees have been paid. Meaning, there is NO possibility of pre-registration and payment when collecting the bib. Payment can only be made ONLINE by credit card through the payment gateway proposed by the organization on the official website www.marato-formentera.com, within the time periods indicated by the organization.

*You can consult all the detailed information in the REGISTRATION section of the home page.

How much does registration cost?

½ Marathon of Formentera: 40 €

8 Km.  Sant Ferran – La Savina: 25 €

*To these prices you must add € 3 in case of not having a yellow chip. Runners with this type of chip will be able to enter the code during the confirmation of registration.

How do I know if I am registered?

Once the registration has been made, you will receive a confirmation email to the address provided in the data. (Please review the data provided)

If after 24 hours you have not received it, you can send an email to info@marato-formentera.com or consult the athletes registered on the registration platform.

Until what day do I have to complete the registration?

All the pre-registration deadlines and confirmation of the final registration are published in the registration section of this website.

*Please check the calendar.

How can I participate in the playoff?

The playoffs will be made on the pre-registration list until the quota is completed.

Once the registration period has ended, the entries that have not been confirmed go directly to the playoff, consecutively reassigning these entries to the numbers after the cut, until the quota is completed.

If at the end of the pre-registration list there are entries available, they will be opened to the general public.

Do I lose the registration fee if I have to cancel it?

Due to registration method, the entries awarded in the raffle and confirmed are considered final, so cancellations will NOT be accepted for any reason. Bib numbers’ transfers, name changes and distance changes are not accepted either. *During the registration process, a cancellation insurance is at the disposal of participants, that allows them to recover the registration fee (except the amount paid for the insurance), according to the conditions.

Where is location for the bib number pick-up?

The organization installs a bib pickup tent in the Port of La Savina (very close to the Maritime Station and the Finish Line Area).

The bib numbers and runner's bag can be collected on:

  • Friday (day before the race) from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. uninterruptedly.
  • Saturday (race day) from 09:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Remember that no bib number will be given at the starting line.

Can someone else pick up my bib number in my place?

Only the registered person can pick up his/her own bib. It is NOT possible to authorize another person to pick up the bib.

We have extended the timetable for the delivery of bibs, so it will not be possible to give the bib to another person other than the registered person.

Can I change my race distance?

Participation is exclusively for the event in which the participant has registered, however, and always with communication from the runner and acceptance by the organisers, the change from the 1/2 Marathon to the 8 km might be made.

It is explicitly forbidden to change from the 8 Km. race to the 1/2 Marathon

I can’t come, can someone run for me?

Registrations are considered DEFINITIVE, so in the event that the registrant cannot or does not want to participate after having done it, the registration fee will not be refunded. Registrations are strictly personal and non-transferable and cannot be used by someone other than the registered person. It is not possible to replace one participant with another.

How can I get to the starting line?

The organisers make available to participants, upon request on the registration form, a free shuttle service to the starting point of the two distances from different parts of the island.

This service is exclusive to runners. In order to access the bus, you must have the ticket provided with the bib number.

*You can check the exact departure places and times in the information of the distance to be made.

Is there a transfer from the finish line to somewhere on the island to return post-race?

The organization makes available the return service of the participants on the Finish Line to the place where they took the transfer at the exit from the Parking of the Maritime Station.

*Schedule to be consulted when picking up the bib number.

Can my companion get on the bus to go to the starting line?

No, the bus is only for runners.

What do I do with my belongings? Where do I leave them?

At the starting line there will be a cloakroom service and transfer of bags for participating athletes that will remain open until fifteen minutes before the start of the race.

The bag must be closed and identified with the label that will be provided by the organization, together with the bib number. Only one package per participant will be accepted.

In the Finish Line area, a collection area will be set up, where the bags distributed by number of bib numbers will be deposited. The withdrawal will be made by presenting the bib number.

*The organization is not responsible for the personal things that are left in the cloakroom.

Can I run if I forget the yellow chip at home?

In case of loss or forgetfulness of your chip, you can rent one at the time of collecting the bib number.

*In case you forget the chip just before the race, you must communicate it to someone from the organization.

Do I have refreshment stations during the race?

The runners of the 1/2 Marathon have liquid and fruit refreshment points at Km. 4, 9, 12'7, 17'2 and at the finish line.

The runners of the 8 km have liquid and fruit refreshment points at Km 4'6 and at the finish line.

Do I have race insurance?

All officially registered participants will be covered by the policy arranged by the organization, which will cover accidents that may occur as a direct result of the development of the event, but never as a derivation of suffering or latent defect, injury, recklessness, negligence, non-observance of the laws and the articles of the regulations, etc., nor those produced in the trips to and from the place where the race takes place.

The organization declines all responsibility for the damages that participants may suffer or cause to third parties in the hours after their participation in the race.

Is there a physiotherapist service?

Yes. At the Finish Line area.

Who receives a trophy?

  • Trophy to the first 3 classified in the following categories: "Absolute male", "Absolute female", "Local male absolute" and "Local female absolute".
  • Trophy for the first classified in the rest of the categories by age, published in article 3 of the official regulations.

*Trophies are not cumulative.

Do the 1/2 Marathon of Formentera and the 8Km race have a travel discount?

The organisers make various agreements available to participants to travel to Formentera.

Discount on the ferry route from Ibiza to Formentera and return with the shipping company TRASMAPI.

Discount on the boat from Valencia or Barcelona to Ibiza and return with TRASMED.

The main Rent a Car & Motorcycle of Formentera offer participants in the 1/2 Marathon and 8km. race a wide variety of vehicles and prices adapted to all budgets.

And if what you want is a very complete trip, Viajes Es Freus is the Official Agency of the 1/2 Marathon of Formentera & 8 Km Sant Ferran – La Savina. If you are looking for how to get there and where to stay in Formentera during the event, Viajes Es Freus offers participants and companions special hotel rates and transfers.

You can find all the information on the home page of the website.