The registration process

The 2024 edition will be held on 11 May at 18h.

Due to the peculiarity of the island, the 1/2 Marathon and 8 km of Formentera have limited entries.

In the next edition, the available entries to race will be 2,000 for the Half Marathon and 1,000 for the 8 km Formentera.

In order to be eligible to participate, you must previously participate in the pre-registration process, which is free of charge. If, once the pre-registration process has finished, there are more pre-registered athletes than entries available, a raffle will be made for places before a notary. All those interested must pre-register, otherwise they will not enter the raffle for places and, therefore, they would not have the possibility of participating in the races.

However, the 1/2 Marathon of Formentera and the 8 km race reward the loyalty of its participants and therefore direct entries are awarded, without the need of a raffle to:


  • Athletes who have participated in a minimum of 5 editions in any of the two distances.

* During the pre-registration period these people will receive an email with the instructions for access to the registration platform, so it is not necessary for them to participate in the process.

  • Regular residents of Formentera.

* These athletes must apply for a place through the Sports Department of the Consell Insular de Formentera, where they will be informed of the registration form.


Pre-registration for the 2024 edition

The pre-registration period for the 1/2 Marató Popular Illa de Formentera and 8 km will start on November 15 and end on December 15, 2023.

 After pre-registering, you will receive in the email provided in the data your number of participation in the raffle (we advise you to verify all the data provided when pre-registering).

Pre-registration is free and will be done individually. For people who want to participate in a group, we recommend pre-registration at the same time, in order to obtain the numbers for the raffle as consecutive as possible.

Pre-registration is non-transferable. The data entered when applying for an entry and the distance chosen cannot be modified during the final registration process.


Confirmation of registration

Once the pre-registration period has ended, if necessary, the raffle will be held before a notary at the official headquarters of the Consell Insular de Formentera, in the presence of the main authorities.

 The notary extracts a random number for each of the distances. This number and the subsequent ones, until completing the entries available will be the grateful numbers in the raffle. The holders of these numbers will have obtained a place to participate in the corresponding race.

The raffle will be recorded and broadcast on the event’s social media profiles and official website, in addition to the confirmation of the result.

The lucky ones will be able to formalize their registration, paying the corresponding fee, through the website, from December 23, 2023, to January 12, 2024, by entering their identification number (ID or Passport) used in the pre-registration in the Authorization Code field.

IMPORTANT: If during this period the confirmation of the registration is not made with the corresponding payment of the fee, any option on the entry will be lost.


Information needed to confirm the registration

  • Same identification number (ID card, passport, etc.) used in the pre-registration.
  • T-shirt size (during the registration process you will be able to consult the measurements of the sizes).
  • Place chosen for the transfer to go to the starting line. You can check the points on the official website and choose the one that you consider the most likely option. Changes may be requested when picking up the bib number.

A REGISTRATION WILL ONLY BE CONSIDERED VALID when the registration fees have been paid. Meaning, there is NO possibility of pre-registration and payment when collecting the bib number. Payment can only be made online by credit card through the secure payment gateway, proposed by the organization on the official website www., within the time periods indicated by the organization.

*Keep in mind that the access page to the pre-registration platform and the definitive registration are different. Please check that you are on the appropriate page.


Registration fees

  • 40 € Half Marathon
  • 25 € 8 Km. Sant Ferran – La Savina

To these prices 3 € will be added if you need to rend a chip in case of not having a yellow chip.


Registration refund policy

Confirmed and paid registrations are considered DEFINITIVE, so in the event that the registrant cannot or does not want to participate after having done it, the registration fee will not be refunded nor postponed for the next edition. Registrations are strictly personal and non-transferable and cannot be used by someone other than the registered person. It is not possible to replace one participant with another.

*During the registration process, participants have at their disposal a cancellation insurance that allows them to recover the registration fee (except for the amount paid for the insurance), according to the established conditions.

All entries that, for some reason, are not confirmed during the indicated period will go directly to the playoff, so they cannot be recovered.


The playoffs

If at the end of the registration formalization period there are still vacancies, a playoff would be made by consecutively reassigning the available entries to the numbers after the cut-off, until the quota is completed.

The new lucky ones will be able to confirm their place, from January 16 to January 22. The registration process will be the same as that of the initial registration, so the authorization code will be the identification number (NIF, passport, etc.) used in the pre-registration.

There will be as many playoffs as necessary. The new deadlines will be notified on the official website and social media profiles.