Reduction of single-use plastic

Reduction of single-use plastic

The reduction of single-use plastic is also one of the commitments of our race, so the organization will distribute a reusable flexible bottle filled with isotonic drink at the first refreshment point of the Half Marathon and at the start of the 8K. In addition, at the finish line, all participants will be given another reusable bottle from the race filled with water. In this way, we combine respect for the environment with the hydration needs of all runners.

Below we detail what will be in each refreshment point:

-Half Marathon: Km. 4 – water; Km 9 – water, fruit and a 500 ml canister with isotonic (one per participant); Km 12.7 - water and fruit; Km 17.2 - water, fruit and the possibility of recharging the isotonic bottle.

-8K Sant Ferran-La Savina: Km. 4.6 – water, fruit and possibility of recharging the isotonic bottle. At the start of the 8 km test, each runner will be given a 250 ml canister of isotonic.

-Finish line: Thanks to the Consell de Formentera and Trasmapi, participants will be given a reusable bottle of water. In the post finish area you can refill the bottle with water or Coca-Cola. You will also have fruit and a cake.

At 50, 100 and 150 meters after each refreshment station you will find garbage cans in which you can throw what you no longer need. Please collaborate with us. The environment will thank you.